Advice for Buyers

Do your homework and talk with lenders about what you can afford. But even if you can afford the mortgage, you might also want to consider property tax amount, your job security, spending habits and other financial obligations to ensure the approved price suites you.

The type and length of your loan. There are various types of loans depending on whether you are a first time home buyer,senior citizen or investor. It is best to bring your financials to a qualified loan officer and have them walk you through all options available to you.

Move in Ready or fixer upper: Some buyers are looking at location and plan on upgrading or remodeling themselves. Others are looking for kitchen,baths and even paint colors to be their style, finished and move in ready.

Make a checklist of of everything from the neighborhoods,schools,budget and home amenities. This will help organize your search and make better use of your time. If you are not quite sure then allowing me to explain the pro’s and con’s of the different housing types and previewing the area first can help you decide on which direction is best for you. Next signing on for updates through the MLS system will allow you to instantly see newly listed homes,preview pictures and track the inventory.  Finding the right home can be time consuming but knowing your budget,wants and being prepared can make the process smooth and exciting.